Instinct – Splenic Center Essence Oil
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Instinct – Splenic Center Essence Oil


Name: INSTINCT – 3 – Splenic Center Essence Oil

Color: Gold

Size: 10mL

Fundamental Frequency: 396 Hz

Qualities: Security, Intuition, Courage, Immunity, Liberation of Guilt and Shame.

Ingredients: Vetiver, Patchouli, Pine, Clove, Ginger, White Fir, Myrrh, Orange, Damiana, Juniper, Blue Tansy, Almond oil base.

Body: Spleen, Immune System.


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The splenic center is an important center of consciousness as it deals with our primary fears; such as, food, not finding our purpose, not possessing depth and being judged or unaccepted by others. It is also the animal intelligence network. Being able to tune into this consciousness is what is known as, following our intuition. When it is disrupted, not only do we not hear this, but it usually is overloaded with fear, which links up to our immune system, our spleen, and our intestines. The beautiful smells of this oil bring a sense of release to the fears, and allow one to release stagnant or old trauma. We slowly regain trust and can follow our intuitive conscious message that comes fast and only once, but always precisely correct.

Instinct – a unique synergetic essence oil to help you recognize your innate intuition and experience primal conscious healing.

Mantra – I follow my instincts, allowing healing and rejuvenation to occur for my complete wellbeing. 

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