Clarity – Mind Center Essence Oil
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Clarity – Mind Center Essence Oil


Name: CLARITY – 8 – Mind Center Essence Oil

Color: Indigo Blue

Size: 10mL

Fundamental Frequency: 852 Hz

Qualities: Focus, Wisdom, Vision, Stillness, Consciousness, Thoughtfulness, Mindfulness.

Ingredients: Black Spruce, Juniper, Manuka, Lavender, Hyssop, Frankincense, Peppermint, Rose, Blue Cypress, Palmarosa, Galbanum, White Fir, Almond oil base.

Body: Pituitary Gland, Hypothalamus, Brain, Vision.

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Clarity is a state of mind. The Ajna Mind center controls our pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, and the function of our entire hormonal system. It is connected to our hearing and vision. It is where we process information intellectually, whether it is logic or abstract. The mind structures it into stories and beliefs, or into humor. When it is having difficulties, we might have a hard time concentrating, blurry visions, headaches, loss of dreams, and possibly hormonal issues. When it is functioning properly, we have clarity and wisdom comes down, as if we’re receiving new insights.

CLARITY – a unique synergetic essence oil to help you remain receptive in the present.

Mantra – I awaken my vision with focus and clear intentions. 

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