The Wonder of Essential Oils

Using essential oils daily is truly like bringing nature into your life everyday.  Humankind has been using oils for literally thousands of years, for anointment ceremonies for kings or priests, as medicine, for aroma diffusion in rooms, for personal care, in perfumes, in  food spices and in almost anything that has a fragrance.  Before synthetic smells made of chemistry that singles out molecules, Nature’s precious and magical composition provides us with an overwhelming database of remedies, aromas, and energetic frequencies derived from plants, roots, bark, flowers, and seeds.


Essential Oils are precious gifts from Nature to help us stay balanced and present with the grace of the divine.  Using high quality oils literally increases your vibrancy on a cellular level, emotional level, and spiritual.  Simply having oils around uplifts our mood and cleanses the atmosphere.


Let yourself be enchanted by Nature’s beauty and fragrance of enjoyment.

How do I use essential oils?

There are several ways of enjoying essential oils.

1. Topical Application
2. Inhalation
3. Difusion
4. Ingestion



The most common way we first encounter essential oils is through massage.  The essential oils are usually diluted into a base oil and directly applied to the body, usually covering it.   It is also common to apply concentrated essential oils directly to the skin, wound, or energy center to have a more powerful effect.  Putting essential oils on your inner wrists and behind your ears does create an immediate effect, as the oil goes directly through the blood-brain barrier, and enters our neurobiology.  Aromatherapy and Reflexology also use essential oils directly on specific points to generate powerful shifts in wellbeing.



Inhaling essential oils is also commonly practiced, from smelling your hands with a drop of oil, to creating vapor inhalations for colds, or now with vaporizers inhaling oils into the lungs directly.  Essential oils can be safely inhaled as their particles are effective in providing their health benefits and their emotional calming by directly entering the blood stream, creating an immediate reaction internally.



Commonly practiced in homes, offices, stores and now hospitals is the diffusion of essential oils into a room.  It has been clinically proven to enhance brain activity, memory, focus, and sharpness with certain citrus oils, or other have proven to be effective in clearing polluted environments and generally purifying the air.  New uses are for entertainment, branding or even mood enhancements in particular office spaces.  From
We suggest two main ways to use essential oils: aromatherapy and topical application. Though it is usually safe to ingest essential oils, we recommended that you follow the advice of a professional because of possible allergies or reactions to any of the plants with diet or medical treatments.



Depending on the quality and brand of your oils, certain chefs prepare foods using the flavor of certain herbs and plants that have been made into an oil.  One of the most common is olive oil.  In ancient times, healers would make essential oil preparations in capsules for suppositories or to swallow, as well as syrups based on essential oils to help remedy different health symptoms.  The concentration of essential oils make them very effective medicines.  Being guided by a profession of which oils are ingestible and when and for what is absolutely vital for ingestion.

Smell is the strongest link to the subconscious mind and the collective unconscious, where all memories are stored.

Essential oils can also be diffused in your home or office to create a lasting scent and frequency for maximum benefit and enjoyment.  We specialize in creating personalized and customized scents for your family home or office.  We can even provide you with different home and office diffusers that can program different aromas in different rooms as well as through different times to influence the mood and vibe of each environment.

Applying essential oils directly onto the skin has powerful physical and energetic benefits. Essential oils have high antioxidant properties, as measured by the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) test. Oxidative damage is implicated in everything from aging to DNA damage and cancer. Since oils don’t dissolve in water, they are able to attach to fat cells and be transported into the body systems, enhancing immune strength and nourishing our bodies from the inside out.

Please keep in mind that it is normal to see a minor surface-level reaction when applying the oils to the skin. Slight redness or rash may occur as the body absorbs the oils, but the irritation should recede and disappear within a few hours. This is just a sign of your body taking in what it needs!
Essential oils are powerful remedies to regain balance, vitality, and optimization, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being naturally and divinely supported.

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