FREQUENCE BOTANICALS | The Science of Frequencies
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How do essential oils work?

Plants form the base of our original remedies for many ailments and imbalances. We have long used essential oils for cooking, medicine, aromatherapy, air diffusion, cosmetics and more. Derived from many kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs, roots, seeds, and bushes, essential oils harness and reflect the soul & essence of the plant.  Plants have assimilated essential minerals that contain the metal elements, which we can ingest safely in order to balance our wholeness.
Plants have been a part of everyday life dating back to 250,000 BCE. In this age of immersive technology, it is more important than ever to connect with natural, pure plant-based remedies on a daily basis to remain balanced and healthy in body mind and spirit.
Essential oils have anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, and are safe and easily absorbed by the skin. Working through inhalation, absorption, and ingestion (when recommended by a specialist), essential oils create signals in the brain that cause the release of various neurotransmitters including serotonin, providing our bodies with relief and repair.
The use of essential oils encourages the regeneration of damaged cells by raising the energetic frequency of your molecular structures through a process called entrainment. With modern technology, we are able to measure the frequency of essential oils and their effect on the frequency of the human body.
The healthy human body has a natural vibration of between 62-70 MHz. Mutation and illness begins to occur when your frequency drops below 62 MHz. For example, 58 MHz is the frequency of the common cold, and 42 MHz is the frequency of cancer. At the beginning of the death process, the body has been measured as low as 20 MHz. That being said, essential oils can have frequencies as high as 580 MHz.


Cells begin to vibrate more slowly when they are ill or dying, and begin regenerating when vibrating at higher frequencies.

Using essential oils in your daily practice will increase the vibration of the cells in your body, creating health and balance from the inside out.

Fréquence’s products bring us closer to nature and provide alignment while supporting the soul, energetic, mind, and physical wellbeing.