Introducing New Aromatherapy Range: Fréquence Chakra Essence Oils

Introducing New Aromatherapy Range: Fréquence Chakra Essence Oils






Manex Ibar, world known Basque medical medium, spiritual guide, and shaman for A-listers and celebrities, introduces Fréquence, his 100% natural care and beauty brand. “Chakra Essence Oils”, the product range that marks the beginning of the brand, presents 9 therapeutic and chakra-aligned oils for complete energetic wellbeing.

Recognized for his 10-day Vision Quest retreats in the Basque Pyrenees, Manex has guided thousands of individuals on the path of finding true healing, discovering their unique gifts, grounding in empowerment, and recognizing inspiration and vision through ancient teachings that help cultivate awareness and connection to Source.  He guides people towards optimization.

“Starting two busy restaurants in London is a stressful process, and Manex’s personal sessions, advice, and oils have helped me stay centered, focused, and healthy through the three years it took to build this. I continue seeing Manex to ensure my health thrives under the intensity of looking after such a high-power crowd and living such an exciting and fast paced lifestyle. The oils are a delight to use and are my little personal secrets for a balanced lifestyle.” Juan Santa Cruz, founder of Isabell’s and Casa Cruz restaurants in London.

The combination of Manex’s scientific methodology, indigenous knowledge, and clairvoyant abilities allowed the creation of this incredible energetic medicine, or as he calls them- “Tools for Transformation.” Throughout his 22 year journey with plants and oils, Manex has incorporated flower essences and essential oils into private healing sessions and ceremonies, restoring health by bringing vitality to the vast energetic systems that govern the wellbeing of our conscious, spiritual, and physical selves.


Fréquence Botanicals is a gift resulting from 15 years of practical, investigative, and observational research in the medicinal power of plants in healing and transformation. Created as a response to a need for high-end, powerful, and 100% pure botanical products, Fréquence uses unique sound frequencies to tune and accompany each oil. Guided by the 9 Chakra system of Human Design, a scientific system that displays our individual energy anatomy corresponding to our genetics, each oil is specially formulated to embrace and support all chakras of the body. Every oil contains a blend of intricate aromas that invigorate, awaken, and heal the energy centers within each of us.


“Using natural plant based products in our daily routines can help us reconnect with nature’s precious gift, bringing us back to our true selves.” -Manex Ibar


Fréquence essential oils align energetic frequencies, creating balance and harmony within the many organs of the body. Each oil in the set provides substantial physical, emotional, and mental benefits while boosting the immune and neurological systems. Along with smelling incredible, using Fréquence daily promotes positive energy and a positive lifestyle.

Discover your unique Fréquence: 

Created to be chosen intuitively through color, numbers, and words, select three oils to discover your individual Fréquence. Manex’s personal is Fréquence 963- Inspire, Love, Instinct. If this seems complicated, perhaps you might begin by selecting 1 (trust) and 3 (instinct) to help you choose which oils to use next.

Fréquence oils can be used through topical application, inhalation and diffusion. While they are safe to ingest, it is recommended to avoid in case of potential allergies.

Fréquence is in its beginning stages with product launches planned for the end of 2018, promising 4 highly effective creams and personalized essential oil perfumes. In the future, Fréquence will provide a complete range of natural beauty, personal care, and household products tailored to your specific energy needs.

Available now online at and in retail late fall of 2018

For more information about Manex Ibar visit his site at


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