“Everything is vibration”  -Tesla

About the Brand

Frequence stands for excellence in technical innovation and conscious knowledge, harmonious with Nature and the Cosmos to provide optimized personal health. Frequence Botanicals is a subdivision of a Frequence Life, a company interested in changing our healthcare system into a personalized and nature based medicine, as well as creating a preventative and optimized personal lifestyle.  Frequence Botanicals concentrates on the making of Natural products, creating useful, luxurious, and natural products that work for everyone, as well as starting a personalized remedies and beauty products line.

The company was founded by 3 individuals, all dedicated to changing our current health care system.  By using genetics, personalized botanical medicine, and conscious lifestyle choices that are correct for each unique individual, we hope to alleviate disease, moving our members towards personalized preventative health and optimized genetic performance.

Through years of research and experience, the founders have brought together a powerful expert team to help create and execute this vision.  We look forward to keeping you updated on our development.

Future of the Brand

The current convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Psychedelic Studies, Quantum Theoretical Physics, Shamanism & Buddhism, with Genetic Profiling is incredibly stimulating for us to truly explore and discover the inner workings of consciousness, human form, and maybe even spirit.  As all discoveries, the knowledge needs to become practical in order for it to influence and impact the world.   Frequence.life aims to become the practical application of this knowledge to redefine the current human healthcare system.  We are looking to bring a privileged 1 million people through an experiment in the highest, state of the art, integrative wellness, moving beyond into genetic optimization to truly release the full potential of each one of us.  Ideally, we’re looking to heal and prevent all diseases, activate and optimize people’s genetic potential, and perhaps bring us closer to immortality through natural personalized medicine that uses genetic profiling for true customized medicine.


Introducing the 9 Vital Essence Oils

The first of their kind, Frequence’s 9 vital essence oils offer a complete balance of the entire human energetic system. Before Fréquence, there have never been oil blends so pure and precise in helping you open and balance your vital energy centers. Each organic blend ( a mix of different oils ) is naturally handcrafted with medical grade E.O.B.B.D. oils to balance the vital energy centers that influence our endocrine, hormonal, and psycho-emotional-spiritual energies.  Each oil is a mix of pure botanicals that enhance and optimize the entire frequency range of each vital energy center. Fréquence supports the 9 center system rather than the precedent 7 center system in according to the teachings of Human Design and the indigenous tribe called the Quero’s Munai Ki. Both explain how it is apparent that we have evolved into 9 centered beings, making these oils vital in achieving and continuing our advancement.


These high-end botanicals are multi-compound remedies for the soul, mind, emotions, and body. With a full spectrum of powerful vibrations to enhance performance on all levels, we urge you to reconnect with yourself and nature’s wisdom and magic through Fréquence Vital Essence Oils.  Each oil comes with a downloadable musical track enriching the aromatic experience through meditation to bring the vibration of each frequency into the body using specific harmonies, rhythms, words, and sounds to create a magical enhancement for all nine energy centers.


We hope you can experience your attunement through these high-end audio files and unique energy oils, discovering for yourself the power of nature’s magical ways and 100% natural botanicals.

”Through 15 years of working with oils to help people in restoring their health, empowerment, relationships, and peace of mind, I developed these oils as a powerful and effective tool for the body to obtain the energetic nourishment it needs to process our fast-paced conscious evolution. We are in a great time of change and our energetic bodies need support through intense personal transformation. I use these oils for myself, my family, animals and in private sessions, but I wanted to extend the potency of these blends to all people. It is with deliberate intention that I offer these oils to help all humans reach optimization and attain their highest goals, realize their greatest dreams and live in complete abundance and pure love so the garden of Eden can prosper once more. I truly hope you’ll enjoy them. “

-Manex Ibar, Founder and Creator of Fréquence Botanicals


About Manex Ibar

In many ways, Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of nature’s hidden wisdom and mysteries, guiding people towards knowing their true nature and connecting to Source awareness. A multi-talented spiritual liaison and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, Manex’s work lies in guiding individuals and businesses toward optimization through a combination of spiritual, scientific, and energetic modalities including but not limited to Human Design, Shamanism, Sound Therapy, Tarot, and Kabbala. Born with clairvoyant abilities, Manex is passionate about and invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality.


Manex offers services in personal and business coaching, relationship guidance, personal healing and optimization, and spiritual consciousness wisdom around the world. By combining his abilities to see simple explanations of complicated matters, release energetic tensions that restrict harmony and flow, and read genetic mechanics, Manex guides his clients to deep understanding, wisdom, and clarity. Through invoking whole systematic changes, he has changed many lives, unlocking hidden potential and unleashing optimal performance of genetic, energetic, consciousness, spiritual and material alignment.