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Frequence Botanicals has created the Chakra Essence Oils - the best oils for your energetic wellness.
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Welcome to Frequence

#What’s Your Frequence?

Journey into your true essence with Fréquence Botanicals’ luxurious, pure, potent, and organic botanical oils. Frequence ’s Chakra Essence Oils support, enhance, and illuminate life’s many experiences. Each oil is intentionally crafted by combining several powerful plants into unique, scientifically proven formulas to form a genuine, energetic, and wholesome product. The 9 Fréquence Chakra alignment oils bring nature’s magical power and mystery into your daily life.


Using 15 years of experience and investigation, Manex Ibar formulated the first line of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils that support each subtle energetic layer, also known as a frequency, of all 9 chakras (read more about why there are 9 chakras rather than 7) . Combining these specially blended oils provides a full spectrum of balance, support, and revival for each energetic consciousness center or chakra.




Chakras, a sanskrit term for energetic wheel or pump, are energy centers located at various points along the midline of your body, each relating to specific psycho-emotional systems and endocrine systems, which in turn support our physical mechanisms (the physical body). Fréquence chakra essence oils assist in all aspects of life, allowing us to process the stress of emotional, psychological, or spiritual challenges that arise daily.


Discover your unique Fréquence by following your instinct and picking 2 -3 numbers or words, and experience the energetic power of these unique oil synergies. Or, allow yourself to experience and evoke daily changes through use of the entire set, inspiring and creating energetic support in all aspects of your life. Regain balance, vitality, and optimization, and enjoy the feeling of being divinely supported by nature’s essence.


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9 Chakra Essence Oils
About Manex Ibar



My name is Manex Ibar and I’m truly delighted that you’re here.  I absolutely love sharing these 9 chakra essence oils  and allow you to discover the power of these natural oil synergies.  Each one is a world in itself. As you pour a drop of oil in your hand, activate it, and then simply smell it’s aroma, you lift up into an experience of pure Nature and life energy.  I’ve been working as a natural healer and shaman, therefore with Nature, plants,  and Spirits for the last  20 years and i have direct first hand experience in seeing the incredible benefits Nature brings to our health and well being.  Nature can even bring us into states of higher consciousness and deep wisdom.


Being clairvoyant, I see energy, auras, and chakras.  The impact essential oils have on our energetic body is truly magical, as they enhance, cleanse, support and even optimize our energetic body.  As a simple daily routine or ritual, the act of putting on essential oils already brings a certain harmony and connection with Nature, helping you ground and remember your inner gifts, while balancing your energetics, ready to take on the day.


It’s with great pleasure that I bring you these 9 essence oils, as it has been years of investigating and development, and a lot of joy crafting something pure, magical, and natural that offers the gift of nature into your daily life experience.

Only Pre-Orders of the Full Packs (with or without leather carrying case). Single oil orders are coming April 2018. Dismiss