FREQUENCE BOTANICALS | Frequence Botanicals - Vital Essence Oils
Frequence Botanicals has created the Vital Essence Oils - the best oils for your energetic wellness.
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What’s your Fréquence?
Journey into your true essence with Fréquence Botanicals’ luxurious, potent, and organic essential oils. Frequence ’s oils support, enhance, and illuminate life’s many experiences; Each is intentionally crafted by combining several powerful plants into unique formulas to form a genuine, energetic, and wholesome product.
Formulated by Manex Ibar through 15 years of experience and investigation, this is the first line of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils that support the subtle energetic layers of all 9 vital energy centers. Using a combination of these specially blended oils provides a full spectrum of balance, support, and revival for each energetic consciousness center.
Regain balance, vitality, and optimization, and enjoy the feeling of being divinely supported by nature’s essence.